Can transhumanism create collective universal telepathy on the planet?

“How we may use terms such as ‘proof of work’ or ‘stake’ in reality in order to receive rewards and financial help throughout life, created by code and not human-based governance systems.

May this be the beginning of a fairer global humanitarian environment that gives trans-human universal philosophy a valued place in people's lives?

Can our eternal love in human life be put down in code or infinite systems, which might involve consciousness of everlasting life? Is this the year where neuroscience and its latest exploration pass global collective religious faith?

Is this what can be called universally ”God”?

by: Markus Andersson

“In probably other universal outer spheres, have intelligence already conquered and with that rule their ‘worlds’. If we may have had the same interest and preference for the latest 1000 years in humankind we would be in a different ‘reality’. In order to put this is in the same category globally and universally but not necessarily demographical, does this give you a more complex view of human existence and creation by claiming that earthly rights are decided by nature and not by our inner consciousness? Who really decides upon what is right or wrong in this world? The government, you? What are these structures built upon and what is the technology and education behind them? Does it has a track record and can we really be sure? And with that claimed: Who possesses your trust and with that your identity? Are you truly alone in your own existence or can we build bridges and new worlds between human consciousness?”

With these words, the article “ended”. With you reading the first part you may already receive an instant and personal feeling of how it would start, how it would continue, and how it eventually ended, for no one else knew the eternal truth better than in belief in Him and yourself forth most.

With that said are the upcoming fast communities that may be the next generation whereas it will be possible to open and explain the possibility of coding eternal human understanding of human shared intelligence, with other words: the understanding of our creation and mutual human life on this planet earth.

Can this be the start of the new kingdoms where new rules and laws will and can be programmed and made, in order to live a healthier or maybe a more responsible life for yourself and others? Is there a universal recipe for success, eternal understanding, and love? If we can feel happiness, can we then also store and reproduce in these days where we might found, as the say in the tech world, singularity?

Lately, we tend to see that many large corporate moguls secure their assets in trusts and foundations where money or some value of worth will be secured for many generations to come. Large groups are created for general human and global consumption, food, clothing. It somehow gives a beautiful testimony that human existence and its intelligence and compassion is still, and hopefully always will be, leading the world. Bill Gates's new Netflix episodes are fascinating where we can for the first time really meet the mind of Bill Gates. Especially in such superb quality and directing. Human intelligence is directly available for human minds.

If money and voting systems are controlled in shared and decentralized ecosystems, and trust is mutual, with delivering a mutual outcome, with descriptions and experiences in many years – are we then all in the same image? Can we all then agree on what is a good life and truthful living, by our means and generally given possibilities? If we are all created from the perspective of our imagination of God, are we then truly all One? Are all the signs and personal testimonies be enough to change eternal beliefs? And if so, how will it influence humans and animals living on planet Earth?

Are they really here, the new elite such as Elon Musk that can eventually guarantee you at least a great transportation for your whole life and when we talk about the world “Whole”, what stops really Jeff Bezos to create programs for the elderly to receive massive subvention for elder people with a good working and track record on Whole Foods and Can this be the new way of “paying back” to its society and to those who helped us? But directly and fair, some may say decentralized, but it can be seen, and documented, as mutually.

In order to develop and recognizing new communities and inter-societies, what do we need to conquer these quests and find true and “purified” Truth? Is the largest problem here just because we lost human mutual telepathy and we are striving for different Gods and Worlds and Truths? Has the truth simply always been out there, but it’s first now we can truly see it?

If we really don’t rely on or put energy into our follow humans color of skin, income, or gender anymore can this be the leading way where we now found singularity is also mutual telepathy between people? A deeper connection that can be a beginning of global or universal telepathy and with that soul that has a deeper understanding of each other. One very big step that has been done is the power and improvement of technology lately. You can now record in such high quality that you might describe it as a reality if you wouldn’t be told the opposite. Large crowds have issues determine real or fake. It comes down to trust between crowds, people, individuals, every counterpart, and yet sometimes yourself.

With that said, it’s this dangerous when technology may put us in a serious question, where we might all be programmed into eternal consensus? Can music and sequences with sounds change the dimensions of our lives? Is this the telepathy and consensus we found through senses such as daily things such as eating food, feeling a perfume, drinking a glass of wine? Would we invite a whole new eternal, massively more complicated language that can be used and understood by everyone in this world? Are the codes that are written today the very beginning of this new era?

The latest changes that might put us all in an enormous mutual consensus is the creation of a universal login where we don’t need any password or login for any platforms. This has been discussed for a long time, especially by Mark Zuckerberg, stating that a decentralized identity and login function would solve many problems. The project that was closest a solution is Universal Login by Marek Kirejczyk and Alex von den Sanden, both world-class skilled computer scientists that create an amazing journey where proof of existence, work, and global and universal decentralization can be used all over the world. It’s a huge step towards mutual truth and therefore intermediates are excluded in these processes.

Because if we shall discuss open global trust and consensus we all are coming nearer each other. Can this be a good moment to use blockchain technology? Especially during wars and mass immigration on the earth. Politics cannot solve this problem since it is rather a philosophical discussion that create a barrier for human free will but also raising further questions with the following said: Haven’t goodness and truth the same meaning all around the world? And if so, might this be a mutual global consensus in other words a door into a new understanding of time and existence? Can this state serve and satisfy the most initial and deep question in present earthly life?

Are these days we live in, the latter days or really the beginning? Or are we not available for any kind of simulation and with that stimulation yet? Have 8K video quality, computational decentralization, three advanced remote cameras at your hand creating instant video recordings. If we can create so much content, so easy and cheap, may this lead us faster to a global consensus where people may be able to choose artists or stars to live entire virtual yet fully realistic lives with? Can manipulation of identities and people create something good if we use it in the right way?

What kind of mindset do we really require from ourselves and our nearest in order to understand global mutual existence, or with words: be *consciously “everywhere”.

Are we digging a path from virtual reality mixed with human goodness that can create, in our reality as well, a programmed solution of peace and happiness? Are we yet in such an extremely early stage of human life in order to fully understand the complexity behind its creation and everlasting story so we chose to not look the other way through whole life?

We also tend to do more and more in order to understand global consensus for what is really right and wrong. Nations, races, genders, and ages don’t really play such a big role in people’s choices of partners, love, and background anymore. An eternal consensus and mutual understanding started to sparkle when we all were able to feel mutual grief, such as 9/11 (2001), Titanic (1921). A terrifying questioning in human life, but maybe the most important question during human life is the creation and foundation of our (possibly) eternal existence. If we produce life aren’t we all then Gods? Can going back to mythology and contemporary philosophy use another path back to eternal truth in present life on earth?

Is the mix with a hybrid behavior of two parts created for each other so we can start to see both sides of truths? Might we experience this deep mutual human feeling thanks by improvement and quality of technology and therefore group us among our nearest and most loyal, loving parts.

Is this the very beginning of us putting together an entire puzzle, all together, in order to reach new dimensions or experiences, actual or artificial but both giving new beginnings and lead us to peace and love. Can this mutual love and understanding lead us de fact into a New Romanticism? If lack of sarcasm and true deep seeking of reality create us into a seeking generation for human future and peace will we then be able to fully understand our own existence?

Or are we as homo sapiens not really ready for this eternal truth and understanding of the cosmos? If so, who and what is really stopping us? Are we still in a mutual and universal Labyrinth? Can no code take us out of here or shall we put all our faith into a solution and better tomorrow? It’s a philosophical conception and discussion, made up by Man on Earth?

And does this all lead us into a mutual universal consensus which can be described as simple as “trust” and “understanding”, and is this the truly global and universal currency in our world, and is it here forever?

Markus Andersson

CEO of Polimex -Significant interest in new technology and its influence in today’s global business and economy.

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